Colombian Handicrafts

Colombian crafts offering a fresh approach to decorating with decoration art made of natural materials, like wood, leather, stone, jute and textiles like cotton, linen and wool. Our product line consists of quality handcrafted handicrafts from Colombia. Our handicrafts are representative of indigenous Colombian crafts. These handmade handicrafts such as handmade painting, glass painting, stained glass and embossed ceramic painting are unique gifts for all occasions. The leather sculptures, handmade tapestry, jute handicrafts, hand embroidered cloth, balconies, hand bags also make perfect holiday gifts. The hand painted wooden tables & handmade tapestry are a perfect complement to any house or office.

Some of our handmade handicrafts such as the jute handicrafts, leather sculptures, embossed ceramic painting, hand embroidered cloth are handcrafted by Colombian artisans. The decoration pieces such as the jute handicrafts & the leather sculptures, embossed ceramic painting, hand embroidered cloth could be considered decoration art and unique gift items. All items have been carefully selected for their quality, uniqueness, and value. Most items are handmade by indigenous Colombian artisans and many items are one-of-a-kind. So if you see a unique item that you like, we suggest you buy it now, since there's no guarantee we'll still have it tomorrow