Wooden Balconies

Handmade Wooden balconies from Colombia

Beautiful handmade wooden balconies are crafted by artisans in Colombia with quality materials. Wood is used to fashion every part of the balcony including the individually carved roof tiles. Straw, dried flowers, seeds, leather and fabric is used to decorate the balconies with hammocks, purses, blankets and other bric-à-bracs that typically adorn the balconies of houses in small towns.

San Jacinto, Morroa and Carmen de Bolivar, are some of the towns in Colombia with a rich heritage of this craft of manufacturing handmade wooden balconies is transmitted from generation to generation.

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Residence Balcony NWBR1

Residence Balcony NWBR1 H11" x W8" x D3"
€114.55 €67.15